Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pocatello, Idaho Falls Rank High on Forbes List

Pocatello Ranks #22 on Forbes List of Best Places to Set Up a Small Business, Idaho Falls Ranks #28


By Michelle Costa


Pocatello, Idaho may seem like a small town. But, this little gem has been ranked by Forbes among the best small places in the country  to set up a small  business. It's ranked 22nd. 


"We have a lot of things to offer to the business community. And then when you look at family life and the safety of our community, it's a town that businesses are looking at and realizing it's a very desirable place to be," said Mayor Roger Chase.  This ranking comes from high ratings in categories like: cost of living, cost of doing business and income growth.


Idaho Falls also ranked high in the report, coming in at #28.


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steele said...

More good news for Pocatello Real Estate! The low unemployment numbers in Southeast Idaho probably have something to do with it -- between INL and the Universities there's steady employment of educated workers, and the low taxes in our area are a great incentive for more businesses to come in.