Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wind Farms Running at Full Capacity

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho -- The windmills on the east bench of Idaho Falls are in
full operation, according to its managers.

Ridgeline Energy and BP Wind Energy said Thursday that their 124.5 megawatt
wind farm will generate enough power for over 37,000 homes.

Ridgeline said the Goshen North Wind Farm project is Idaho's largest wind
farm on approximately 11,000 acres and utilizes 83 GE xle wind turbine
generators, each with a rated capacity of 1.5 MW. It's located about 10
miles east of Idaho Falls.

The company said the project will employ a staff of 10 full time workers.
During construction, approximately 250 workers were employed.

"Today marks the culmination of nearly ten years of effort to make this
project a reality," said Steve Voorhees, CEO, Ridgeline Energy. "Idaho Falls
and Bonneville County have a long tradition of developing and using clean
energy technology, and we are proud to be a part of that tradition."

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