Monday, December 17, 2007

What is a CAP Rate?

Capitalization Rate Blog Entry By Triple Net Leased Investment Expert Jess Biggs

A cap rate is determined by dividing the net operating income of an investment by its value:

CAP RATE= Net Operating Income (Cash Flow) / Value (Purchase Price)

As a commercial real estate agent specializing in triple net leased investments, the first thing my investor clients usually ask about is the CAP rate. Determining the CAP rate on a potential commercial investment is a key element in analyzing “the deal”.

Why is this calculation so important, and exactly how does it work?

CAP rate, short for capitalization rate, is the most common measure commercial real estate investors use to evaluate the return of invested capital on improved land that is producing a stream of income. This rate represents the recapture yield of invested funds to the investor on an improvement through the end of its economic life. Capitalization is a term appraisers use when they use the income approach to evaluate the value of a property based on the cash flow the property produces or could produce. Thus, capitalization “is a mathematical process for converting net income into an indication of value” (The Language of Real Estate, 5th Edition, by John W. Reilly).

I have heard clients ask their brokers to determine the CAP rate as though they had to someway “divine” it. In actuality, determining the CAP rate is not hard to do, and doesn’t take any supernatural ability or insight to do so. No banker, lender, appraiser, or high-end CPA must provide you with secret knowledge or insight to determine this rate. Actually, anyone can easily find a CAP rate with minimum math skills and a scrap piece of paper or $3 calculator.

To start, determine the property’s gross rental income, from which you will subtract operational expenses to get to the pre-tax net operating income, referred to as NOI. You are probably wondering which operational expenses should be subtracted to get to this NOI number. This is where the CAP rate can be adjusted somewhat to manipulate the attractiveness of the investment property’s rate. Such expenses or deductions could include management fees, vacancy losses, property taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs, along with a few other possible deductions depending on the situation.

Thus, it is very important when evaluating a CAP rate to know what expenses or deductions were first subtracted from gross income to determine the NOI. It is also important to determine what exactly makes up income as well, since income might be calculated for just the current year, or it may allow for future rent increases and expenses also. Ultimately, however, the NOI number represents a pre-tax cash flow which represents the income amount the investor will receive from the property and can fluctuate up or down depending on what numbers it is calculated from. An outline of how to calculate NOI can be found in the formula below:

Potential Gross Income
Less: Vacancies
Less: Bad Debt/Credit Losses
= Adjusted/Effective Gross Income
Less: Operating Expenses
= Net Operating Income (NOI)

By now you are probably wondering how this NOI number determines the CAP rate. Here’s how. For example, if you have a $120,000 investment that was returning $12,000 to you in income, then your rate of return would be 10% ($120,000/$12,000=10%) by dividing the estimated or approximate purchase price (value) of the property by its rental NOI income.

Thus, an easy way to remember how to find the CAP rate, purchase price value, or income for a commercial investment opportunity is to use the IRV format, shown in the illustration below. To use this memory device, just remember that you only need two of the numbers to find the third; value and rate can be multiplied together to find the income, and income can be divided by rate or value to find the other one that is needed.

Because the level or risk is equal to the CAP rate, the higher the risk involved in a certain investment, the higher the CAP rate will be, and vice versa. There are also other factors that tend to move with CAP rates as well. For example, as interest rates in the market increase, CAP rates will follow, and vice versa. Conversely, as appreciation and demand increases in the marketplace for similar investments, CAP rates will fall since the level of risk falls for those types of properties.

The final thing to remember is that CAP rates have an inverse relationship with its counterpart numbers, income and value. For example, as the CAP rate increase, the purchase price (value) will fall, and vice versa. Fluctuating income will also affect the rate as well.

NAI Commerce One is not a licensed CPA, certified mortgage broker, or certified financial planner and is not providing this information for professional consulting services. All blog posts are only for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be construed as suggestions or recommendations on as to how viewers of this information should practice commercial real estate investing in their individual financial affairs.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Idaho Test Reactor Opens to Universities

From the A.P. December 9th

The U.S. Department of Energy is making available to university researchers a nuclear reactor test facility in southeast Idaho so they might learn how to build better nuclear power plants.

The Idaho National Laboratory's Advanced Test Reactor earlier this week issued a call for proposals from universities to conduct irradiation experiments.

Universities won't have to pay to run the experiments, but researchers must publish their findings, said Mitchell Meyer, acting director of the Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility.

He said the opening of the facility to university researchers comes at a time of renewed interest in nuclear energy that's being driven by increased energy demands and concerns about global warming from the burning of coal and other fossil fuels.

The U.S. currently has 104 commercial nuclear plants that supply about 19 percent of the nation's energy needs, according to the NRC. Coal supplies about 49 percent, the commission said. Meyer said the Advanced Test Reactor can reduce the length of experiments from years to months. He said only three other test reactors in the world can run similar experiments — one in Russia, one in Belgium, and the High Flux Isotope Reactor at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

But he said the ability of the reactor in Idaho to run multiple experiments at the same time sets it apart.

"The Advanced Test Reactor is the most flexible and capable for this type of work in the United States," said Meyer. "It's the most realistic option for doing the type of work that needs to be done."

Opening the reactor to university researchers will advance knowledge about nuclear energy, he predicted.

Read entire story...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Brecca's National Television Debut

Check out Brecca Johnson, NAI Commerce One Administrative Assistant, busting a move on television.

Ellen gave her props for her dancing skills, but Brecca insists she's "not a dancer."

You be the judge...

Hoku Shares Up 21%--Merrill Lynch Involved in Financing of Pocatello Plant

More good news for Hoku...see article below from the Pacific Business News:

Shares of Hoku Scientific stock surged Thursday, one day after the company announced its $185 million financing agreement with Merrill Lynch for construction of its polysilicon plant in Pocatello, Idaho.

Kapolei-based Hoku's (Nasdaq: HOKU) stock finished trading up nearly 21 percent to $10.72. Earlier it had risen as high as $12.30.

The company is building the plant to produce polysilicon, a key component in solar energy systems and other electronic processes. Already, Hoku has lined up several large contracts from companies that want to buy polysilicon starting in 2009.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

This was an interesting article in the UK Times featuring Albert Wada, Southeast Idaho potato farmer:

Albert Wada is one of America’s potato kings. Farming 12,000 acres of land in Idaho, the state that produces a third of America’s spuds, Mr Wada is one of the biggest potato farmers in the United States, having bought the business in 1972 from his father.

“My father emigrated from Japan to the US in 1922, and moved to Idaho during the war after immigrants of Japanese descent were forced to leave California. He started growing potatoes in the fall of ’42, on the land I stand on now, and we haven’t missed a crop since.”

By his own admission, it is the shift in diet of some of Mr Wada’s distant relatives in Japan that has seen his Idaho crops benefit from a rise in price over the past 18 months.

Japan and China are driving an increase in demand for processed potato - sliced and frozen for chips (or French fries, to use the American term). “The fast food craze in China and Japan accounts for the largest percentage of the increase in the price for processed potato. The French fries potato market has reversed a downward trend for potatoes – it’s not a huge increase, but it is a rebound.”

You can visit Albert Wada's web site at

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Washington Group International Acquired by URS

Washington Group International shareholders approved a $3.1 billion buyout Thursday by rival URS Corp. to create the nation's biggest engineering and construction company.

WGI, now Washington Division of URS, is one of the top employers in Southeast Idaho and joined with CH2M HILL to manage the $2.9 billion cleanup Idaho Cleanup Project contract for the U.S. Department of Energy.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ben's Name Brand Shoes in Rexburg

Rexburg now has a place for a great selection of name brand shoes! Conveniently located off the South Rexburg exit across from Applebees, Ben's Name Brand Shoes carrie Dockers, Avia, Nevados, Ryka, Sketchers, Dr. Martens, Carolina and Catapillar work boots, Clarks, Born, New Balance, K-Swiss, Northside Winter Boots and Slippers, Naturalizer, Mudd, Nike, Bongo, Bass, Indigo, Bostonian, Privo and many more to come!

The store has an impressive 2700 square foot showroom floor, with a children’s section displaying a 29 gallon fresh water aquarium. NAI Commerce One broker Melvin Rudd, Rexburg area commercial real estate specialist, helped procure the space.

Ben Rutter, owner of the store, is a former Ricks College graduate who had a dream of opening a business in the Rexburg area. Click here to read more about Ben's story.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Department of Labor Information

1% Unemployment in October for Idaho Falls? Unbelievable, right? But it's true. (1.7% in Bonneville County, 1% in the city limits.)

Check out more fun facts from the Idaho Department of Labor...

Fall 2007 Newsletter on Work Force Trends in Bonneville County:

Friday, November 2, 2007

Trick or Treat Feats

NAI Commerce One Office News Update

· Brecca did an awesome job planning the Trick or Treat booth and handing out candy to all the little kids at the Snake River Landing Halloween event sponsored by KLCE. Thanks to Mitch and Randy’L for helping with that as well, and Steve Frei and Randy Waters for providing shuttle service.

· Shane Murphy went above and beyond at the Snake River Landing event by providing Java Espress HOT chocolate milk to thousands of little kids and their parents. Let me repeat that—not just hot chocolate—hot chocolate MILK, which ain’t cheap these days! The Snake River Landing and KLCE people were so thankful, as were all the people who enjoyed the hot chocolate while standing in line. Way to go Shane and Java Espress!

· Randy Waters is now actively pursuing his CCIM designation. He will be in Salt Lake taking CCIM 101 this weekend and early next week. Good luck Randy.

· Good luck to Samantha Lindsay in finishing up the requirements for her broker’s license!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The time has come...

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