Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wyoming Tax Benefits for Investors

By Meagan Hill

Happy New Year! We know that many of you are spending the time between Christmas and New Year trying to reconcile your records and finalize $ before the end of the Tax Year. As you wrestle with these challenges, take a minute to consider the Tax Benefits of Investing or Residing in Wyoming;

No State Income Tax;
If you’re unfortunate enough to still be working, no state income tax
= more disposable income

No State Company Tax;
If you’re an entrepreneur, no state company tax
= more profit

No State Excise Tax;
If you buy groceries or gas, no state excise tax
= more disposable income

No Tax on the Sale of Real Estate;
If you sell Real Estate in Wyoming, no tax on the sale of real estate
= more capital gain for You

No State Gift Tax;
If you are a generous soul, no state gift tax means you can gift real estate to your heirs without paying gift tax
= more inheritance for your heirs

No State Inheritance Tax;
Wyoming’s estate tax is tied to the federal tax credit and applies only to those with substantial estates.
= more inheritance for your heirs

No Tax on Out of State Retirement Income;
= more disposable income

Set up a Dynasty Trust
protect your assets from federal estate taxes for up to 1,000 years;
= more inheritance for your heirs

No Tax on Mineral Ownership;
a ‘hidden’ property tax that does not exist in Wyoming
= more disposable income

No Intangible Taxes;
no taxes on stocks and bonds
= more disposable income

Low Property Taxes.
2009 mill levy is 57.32 for teton county, WY
= more disposable income

When you’re done counting your $ and realizing the opportunity that Wyoming presents, take a minute to remind yourself of the ‘work-life’ balance benefits;
• Grand Teton + Yellowstone National Parks;
• Fly Fishing + Big Game Hunting;
• Skiing, Hiking, Mountain Biking; Rafting; Golf.

Still questioning my logic? Is the devil inside arguing with you? Look at the numbers.

Commercial Office + Retail suites or entire buildings are down 20-25%.

Start small - use your IRA to Invest in a Commercial Office or Retail suite for $500,000-700,000; or

Go for it - Leverage the opportunity presented by the economy with the rare offering of several landmark buildings in Jackson Hole.

To maximize all the tax benefits you will need to become a resident of our fine county. Lucky You! Right now, the Median Home Price is down 25% from 12 months ago.

Still unsure, give us a call.

Meagan Hill is a Commercial Real Estate Investments Specialist and Principal of NAI Jackson Hole servicing the Jackson Hole WY and Teton Valley ID markets.

For further information, contact Meagan at (307) 734-8700 or

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Routine Building Maintenance...and...The SWAT Team

By NAI Jackson Hole broker Meagan Hill

Now that you have your Building Audit complete and you’ve separated your Routine Maintenance from your Long Term Replacement schedule, do not file these papers in the drawer. It’s time to do a little short term planning and preparation.

Routine Building Maintenance provides an exceptional income stream for many Contractors in our area. With a little forward planning, you can find the best Contractor for the best price AND why not secure this service for the future?

Each year we all need to give our Property some lovin’ – clean windows, clean carpets, sweep chimney, clean outside light fittings, replace light bulbs, snow removal, lawn mowing, painting, handyman repair work, the list goes on. Each of these items are essential to maintaining our Asset Value and maintaining our Tenants.

Instead of making the hurried call in the spring, consider listing out all of these Routine Building Maintenance items and inviting bids from local Contractors to complete this work for you over the next 3 years. Imagine being able to forecast your Maintenance Budget out 3 years with some degree of certainty. Imagine being able to schedule your Maintenance Work in advance with confidence that you will have the right Contractor at the right time for your Property and your Tenants business.

All the planning in the world cannot completely protect you from the inevitable emergency in the middle of the night. This is where your own Property SWAT team comes into play. While many of you probably hold a list of folks you can call at a moment’s notice, few have any idea what it will cost and all of you are terrified of what it will cost in the end. Don’t be. Use the Routine Maintenance Bid process to get a schedule of values from each Contractor so you know what their Call Out Fee and Hourly Rate will be in the middle of the night. Use this information as part of your selection process and then put a Budget forecast aside for Emergencies.

All done? Congratulations, you’ve reached Property Owner Nirvana. Daunted by the thought of the task? Contact our office for further information.

Meagan Hill is a Commercial Real Estate Investments Specialist and Principal of NAI Jackson Hole servicing the Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Teton Valley, Idaho markets.  Check out her commercial real estate blog on ActiveRain by clicking here.

For further information, contact Meagan at (307) 734-8700 or

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Land Available Near Wal*Mart Supercenter in Ammon

4.51 Acres of Development Land

■ Prime Multi-Family or Assisted Living
■ Northeast of Wal-Mart and EITC, and North of Grand Teton Mall
■ High Residential Growth Area
■ Possible Seller Financing and/or equity participation
■ Potential Uses Include General Commercial, Office, Retail, Multi-Family
■ Subject Property is East of Curlew and South of Johns Adams

For more information on this property, including adjacent parcels, please contact Steven Frei, Brent Butikofer, or Steven Keim at (208) 525-8088.  Click here to download the property flyer.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Idaho's Tax Burden Among the Lowest in the Nation

The Idaho Business Review reported today that Idaho has the sixth lowest overall per capita tax burden in the country and the lowest tax burden among western states, according to the latest tax burden study published by the Idaho Tax Commission. Click Here to read the entire article.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Downtown Idaho Falls Ribbon Cutting

Event video featuring the 12/10 Ribbon Cutting with Thomas Development, The Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors, & Idaho Falls Mayor Jared Fuhriman at the newly renovated Earl Building in downtown Idaho Falls:

YouTube URL:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Historic Earl Building Ribbon Cutting & Open House, December 10th

NAI Commerce One invites you to join the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors for a Ribbon Cutting and Open House on Thursday, December 10th from 5-7 p.m. at the Historic Earl Building in Downtown Idaho Falls at 525 Park Avenue. Come meet the building lessees and see the beautiful renovations that have been completed by Thomas Development.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eastern Idaho Home Builders Association in conjunction with the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce is pleased to provide a "facts & figures" perspective on growth in our community at a luncheon on Thursday, December 10th from 12-1:30 at the Red Lion in Idaho Falls.  Dr. Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D., will present amazing facts and answer questions about the economic benefits of home building in the Greater Idaho Falls Area. 

• What is the economic impact of single family home construction?
• What is the total impact and ongoing impact?
• What are the costs vs. benefits?
• How long does it take before new construction pays for itself?
• How many jobs does new construction create?
• What revenues does home building create?

Dr. Elliot Eisenberg is the Senior Economist of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in Washington, D.C. He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in economics with First Class Honors from McGill University as well as a Master of Public Administration degree and Ph.D. in Public Administration from Syracuse University.

He is the creator of the multifamily stock index and is the author of more than 50 homebuilding industry articles. Dr. Eisenberg is frequently seen on televsion and heard on radio, and his research and opinions have been featured in Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, most national and local newspapers, and in many other publications.