Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lamont Village Development in Fremont County

Proposed Development in Fremont County Might Be Larger Than St. Anthony


A new development could bring thousands of new homes to Fremont County. The Developers are looking at building nearly 2,200 new homes, making the new Lamont Village about the size of St. Anthony, if not bigger.

"The development we envision, is more of a rural setting, you'll notice a lot of our plans and proposals are residences with a lot of open area."That wide open area will be off state Highway 32 between Ashton and Tetonia. The development is called Lamont Village. The developers presented their plans to Fremont County Planning and Building tonight, they're looking at building around 2,200 homes on about 6,200 acres of land.

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NAI broker Clinton Arnold attended the Lamont Village Developer's presentation at the March 10th Fremont County Planning and Zoning meeting and was very impressed by the plans. The project is of particular interest to Clinton because it is within 4.5 miles of one of his newest listings, Otto Garz Ranch, which is a beautiful property located on 300+ acres with incredible Teton views and development potential.

Lamont Village will no doubt impact the outlook for investors looking for property in Fremont County.

(Photo Features View of Otto Garz Ranch in Fremont County.)

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