Friday, October 17, 2008

Did You Know?

INL Researchers Meet Major Hydrogen Milestone

A team of scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory reached a major milestone in September with the successful production of hydrogen through High-Temperature Electrolysis (HTE).

The milestone was reached when the Integrated Laboratory Scale experiment started producing hydrogen at a rate of 5.6 cubic meters per hour.

"This is by far the biggest achievement we've had," said Carl Stoots, the experiment’s principal investigator.

With this milestone met, the HTE plant is on its way to opening many doors for innovation in energy production, contributing to the Department of Energy’s overarching goal of a "hydrogen economy." Eventually, HTE could provide pure hydrogen for fuel cell-powered cars, Herring said – "but that’s a long way off."

Read the entire press release here:

(The HTE plant is located in the Bonneville County Technology Center, 101 Technology Drive in Idaho Falls, across the street from the INL Research Center. )

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