Monday, February 2, 2009

NAI Global Announces Commercial Property PowerSale

NAI Global’s Commercial Property PowerSale is a series of sealed bid and auction sales featuring premier investment properties throughout North America. To meet the demands of our customers–owners and financial institutions with troubled assets, as well as sellers with healthy properties that are having trouble finding a buyer in today's market, NAI Global has designed an accelerated marketing program to achieve rapid disposition results at the highest achievable pricing.

NAI Global’s Accelerated Marketing Program offers sellers the choice of three sales vehicles. Each effectively brings buyers and sellers together in successful transactions when traditional sales channels are bogged down: Live Auctions, Sealed Bids and NAI Global’s own unique twist, Sealed-Bid Plus™.


Through the support of Higgenbotham Auctioneers, NAI Global is expertly positioned to drive any of the three following disposition scenarios. Each of these programs is fully web based.

Live Auction

A live auction brings together all interested parties to ensure a successful sale. Bidders may participate in person, by phone or via the internet. The auction method allows the seller to set the timetable and recognize local and national exposure for a property or asset. Auctions are exciting and create urgency in the marketplace. Offers and counter-offers and the frustratingly slow negotiations process are swiftly turned into an exciting and competitive bidding match between serious prospective buyers.


Though similar to a live auction in the basic process, with sealed bids each bidder has no idea of the competitors’ pricing strategy. This uncertainty often results competitive bidding that achieves a higher sales price. Sealed bid also allows for competitive bidding and the date certainty of an auction without the frenzy of an open outcry auction event.

Sealed-Bid Plus™

NAI Global is offering a unique twist to the sealed bid program to help sellers achieve the highest possible sale price for their assets. The process starts with submission of a sealed bid. Then the finalists are invited to participate in a brief open bidding process to secure the highest bid for that asset. This strategy has been proven to produce a winning bid that is 10-15% higher than the original sealed bid.

Click here to download the Commercial Property PowerSale brochure. Questions? Contact NAI Commerce One auction expert Randy Waters at 208-542-7873 or 208-525-8088.

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