Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NAI Global Analytics Expert Visits Eastern Idaho

George Anderson, NAI Global Vice-President of Market Analytics, is visiting Eastern Idaho May 12-15th to conduct a Retail Compass study on the Teton Valley in order to understand the market and project future vitality. Mr. Anderson is meeting with a variety of people including the head of the Driggs Urban Renewal District, Regional Economist Tanya Alban, Grow Idaho Falls Director Linda Martin, and representatives of key Teton Valley developers including Huntsman Springs in Driggs, River Rim Ranch in Tetonia, and Trail Creek Crossing in Victor, Idaho.

On Tuesday morning, Mr. Anderson gave a tremendous presentation at NAI Commerce One's bi-weekly staff meeting that gave an overview of the analytics services he provides.
"I was blown away by George's presentation," said Kaly Shippen. "I knew George had a lot to offer, but he is even better in person. This is exactly the type of information we need in order to more effectively market our properties. I am excited to start utilizing some of the resources that George introduced to us today, and even more excited to get the results of his study."

With over 20 years experience in the field of Geographical Information systems, NAI Market Analytics developed two unique programs that assist developers, retailers, brokers to navigate through a number of pragmatic steps to achieve their primary goal: “to understand whom your customer is today, in order to plan for your customer of tomorrow.”

The Retail Compass program is a deliberate process whereby we initiate a market discovery phase from the outset in order to lay a foundation of knowledge that is based on fact not fiction. Understanding the market today is key to projecting the future vitality not just of one particular location but the larger market.

The scope of the retail compass program varies somewhat from project to project; however, the key cornerstones to development of the program will include: Market segmentation of the primary, secondary and tertiary (tourist base) catchment zones, the market composition (inventory of who is present in the marketplace, retail gap analysis (share of wallet).
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